Other Documentaries from Villanova Students

Out of the Shadows
Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows tells the story of Fernanda Marroquin, a 22-year-old woman living in Philadelphia and dealing with the hidden realities of being an undocumented immigrant. Fernanda is one of a growing group of youth who call themselves the Dream Activists—brought here as children they played no role in their own illegal immigration, yet find themselves reaching adulthood unable to work, receive financial aid for college, or even get a driver’s license.

What began as a movement in support of the Dream Act legislation (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) has grown into a national movement of youth who are undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic. They take to the streets to fight for their rights, risking their own arrest and deportation to take a stand against the system that they feel has betrayed them.
As Fernanda comes out of the shadows and becomes a voice for her peers who have been detained for possible deportation, she also struggles with her own immigration status and limited opportunities for her future. We join her on her journey to find success in the country she has called home for over 10 years, and in the process witness one woman’s fight to make her voice heard in the raging debate that is immigration in the United States. [upstaresproductions.com]

Who is Wright?

Who is WrightWho is Wright is a short, student-produced film illustrating the lifestyle of urban Philadelphia. In documenting the daily life of Julius Wright, a beat artist and MC, the film reveals the unnerving realities with which many young South Philadelphians live with. Angered at the world and his position in the gun-battle and drug-riddled environment surrounding him, Julius attempts to find solace in rap beats that he and his peers perform. As "Lyrical God", his rap persona, he strives for acceptance in the local hip-hop community. Music may be Julius' way out. He has the ability to bring people together through his beats; however, he cannot bring his own family together. Torn apart through violence, those closest to him ask Julius to face past demons and overcome his anger. His family urges him to pursue an education and get off the streets. They want Julius to have options in case he fails as an artist. Julius, however, has his heart set on success and sees the pursuit of an education as an obstacle to his goal. Peers who share his discontent with the South Philadelphia environment, many adopt a victimizing attitude that keeps them from accepting responsibility to take control of his life. Julius is at a crossroad; does he embrace the attitude of the victimized, or take responsibility over his situation? The crime and violence prevalent in his community inhibits Julius' drive to get out of South Philadelphia. However, his struggle to reach beyond his surroundings may derive from an inability to take responsibility for his situation. [endangeredproductions.com]

Meh Shah
Meh Shah

Death and oppression breed fear and anger. Meh Sha, narrated by Tony Award winner and three time Emmy award nominee Phylicia Rashad, tells the incredible story of Meh Sha Lin, a 17 year-old Burmese refugee who came to Philadelphia with nothing but joy and love in his heart.

A student-run film, Meh Sha was written, directed, and produced by a group of dedicated students at Villanova University. Short Stack Productions came together as a group passionate about the topic of social justice and eager to express their views through the medium of film. [shortstackproductions.org]

The Price of Life Price of Life

"Price of Life" focuses on the life of Robert Childs, a Philadelphia native bred into the street culture of gun violence and drug trafficking from a young age. The film brings Childs back to the locations of some of the most notable events of his life, as he discusses the intricate details of street life during the two decades that he terrorized the streets of his local community.

Coming Off the DL
Coming Off The DL

"Coming Off the DL" focuses on two Villanova students with cerebral palsy who work as managers of the Villanova men's and women's basketball teams. The film shows how they overcome the physical, academic and social challenges of CP to change the way people view ability. [http://comingoffthedl.blogspot.com]