Education is a human right with immense power         to transform.

The Social Justice Documentary Program of Villanova University is devoted to creating films that give a voice to the disenfranchised and unheard. Award-winning films like “Mehsha” and “Who is Wright?” expose viewers to the unknown and often unimaginable struggles of extraordinary people. This year’s class, known as Five1Four9 Productions, explores education on both sides of the Atlantic with their film, "Rise and Shine."

Five1Four9 Productions was recently established in August 2012 by a group of passionate and devoted undergraduate students at Villanova University. Our name refers to the distance in miles between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Cape Coast, Ghana. We are trying to show that, despite the immense geographic distance between the two areas, they are connected by individuals who have the intense desire to better the quality of education.

Our film focuses on two students Godsway Anderson and Marcquis Graham from Cape Coast, Ghana and Philadelphia Pennsylvania, respectively. We followed them in their pursuit of education and to better their communities. "Rise and Shine" chronicles Godsway and Marcquis as they fight for their success, doing what they know is right and staying away from negativity. Where does their motivation come from? What are their struggles and personal challenges? How are they bound together? These are the questions we ask in our developing story of these two amazing people.


As we undertake this meaningful social project, we realize that we cannot do it alone. We created this Indiegogo to see if people are interested in helping our production team spread awareness about how our public school system can be improved to produce higher graduation rates and students who are prepared to flourish in American society. We need the generosity of people like you to produce a film that can really inspire social change. While we have already been blessed with generous equipment donations, we are still looking for funds to cover the rest of the travel, footage, post-production, advertising, and film festival expenses. Under the guidance of award-winning filmmaker Hezekiah Lewis, we are sure that we can produce an incredible film—all we need is the support of the people who believe in our cause.

We hope that our film can change minds and get into the hearts to as many people as possible. If even one person gets to see the story of Godsway and Marcquis and is inspired to do something about it, we have done our jobs as filmmakers. We are hoping the more people that get to see our film, the more change we will be able to spread in the world.


We understand that not every person has the money to donate, but what we hope you can take away from our project is the passion we have not just for this film, but for the students who have so generously let us into their lives to share their experiences with the world. These students have an amazing story that deserves to be shared. So tell people what you’ve learned about us. Tell people about the change that is soon to come. Help us market our film for its premiere and we would love for you to be in attendance. If you would like to help Five1Four9 through their journey with "Rise and Shine" feel free to contact us by emailing Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our film.